The customer is able to pay up the purchase price and the rest of fees and charges agreed via Paypal, credit card, bank transfer even in cash upon delivery.

Credit, debit or prepaid card

Our store works with Piraeus Bank and all your personal data are fully encrypted and safe. Every payment takes place after redirection to the bank's website.


We give you the opportunity to make the payment through Paypal, the most well-known website for its security as regards international payment. You will be redirected to the site of Paypal once you have completed your order.

The credit card charge is made after verification and authentification of all data, as well as of the validity upon approval and acceptance of the placed order on the part of Noobass, which constitutes the completion of the sales process (the charge can be placed even when one or some of the items are not readily available and must be ordered from their suppliers). The customer is solely responsible for the proper registration/ typing as well as the data/numbers regarding the credit card, thus Noobass bears no responsibility in case of an error.

Bank Deposit

You can deposit money for your orders in one of the following bank accounts:

Piraeus Bank :

IBAN : GR4501710430006043136477784  (6043-136477-784 )

Alpha Bank :

IBAN : GR3301402480248002002001762  (248002002001762 )